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As a society, we are living longer and more productively then in any time in our history. But as our population ages we encounter increased challenges to the physical and mental health of our Seniors. Unless long-term care insurance is available, the elderly and their families often find themselves paying out of pocket for care, often to disastrous financial detriment.

Medicaid can often be the only answer for an elderly person and their family to provide a safe and supportive environment for their aging loved ones. Although Medicaid programs do receive federal funding and guidelines, each state makes the rules for their own Medicaid program. This can make the process of applying for and receiving Medicaid benefits extremely difficult and time-consuming for the first-time applicant. Additionally, with appropriate planning, a person can be made eligible for Medicaid benefits without sacrificing the nest egg that has taken a lifetime to create and protect.

At Rouse & Rouse we assist Seniors in preparing for their future long- term care needs through advanced planning to protect assets from even being considered by Medicaid for eligibility or for recovery. We also provide support to Seniors and their families if they must quickly manage their assets to be made immediately eligible when the time needed for advanced planning has passed.

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